5 Reasons Man of Steel is the Best Superman Movie Ever

5 Reasons Man of Steel is the Best Superman Movie Ever

I have said that Man of Steel is the Superman movie I’ve wanted to see my entire life. And it is. The movie is hitting Blu-Ray in just over a week, and if you haven’t seen it you should read our reviewwhere we gush over how awesome it is, and then here are five reasons why it’s still the best Superman movie ever made:

Lois Isn’t a Blind Idiot


This was the biggest change to the mythos, and the most welcome. Lois Lane is supposed to be a brilliant investigative reporter, but we’re expected to believe that she can’t figure out that Clark Kent is Superman just because he wears a pair of glasses? Having Lois figure out his identity right from the start is a needed change for the character and one that should absolutely move over to the New 52 comics…

It’s the Comic Book Krypton


This isn’t the Richard Donner ice crystals, which did eventually make their way over to the comics. This is the technologically advanced Krypton with its own alien beasts and cities. I also love that they adapted the comic book idea that Superman’s suit is Kryptonian armor, which is exactly what it is in the New 52 as well. They did an excellent job tying the movie Kryptonian stuff from the comics to Man of Steel.

It Establishes a Shared DC Cinematic Universe


From multiple appearances of LexCorp in the movie, to the Wayne Enterprises satellite, Man of Steel is the first movie in the DC Cinematic Universe. I can’t wait to see where it goes from here, and if I had to compare this start to Marvel’s start in Iron Man, I’d say Man of Steel was the superior kick off of the two…

Kryptonians Fight Like Kryptonians


For the first time we finally get to see true Kryptonian fights on the screen. Fast and extremely powerful, this is the sort of thing we’ve seen in comics, but never in a movie. Not even any of the Hulk movies have shown strength like this. The speed at which Superman and Zod fought each other, and yes even the controversial destruction, finally puts a DC comic on the big screen in the way we’ve always wanted.

The Music


This is the most controversial point, but Hans Zimmer’s score is one of the highlights of Man of Steel. Leading up to the movie, his theme was the most worrisome part of the movie. How could he possibly live up to John Williams? The result was something completely different, and it really ties in with the alien science fiction feel that the Superman comics have always delivered.

Honorable Mention:
That Ending


Clark arrives for his first day at the Daily Planet and Lois of course recognizes him. The theme finally is full and it swells. You can’t be a Superman fan and not grin, cheer, and look forward to Batman vs. Superman in 2016.


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