5 Examples of Fanboy Hyperbole About The Force Awakens

5 Examples of Fanboy Hyperbole About The Force Awakens


We’re less than six months away from the release of the first new Star Wars movie in a decade. I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited for the release of The Force Awakens. How can you not be jumping around the house in excitement over a new Star Wars movie?

As crazy as it is there are some fans who don’t seem to be excited for the movie, for one reason or another. Over the last few months they’ve been spewing some crazy hyperbolic statements about why they think The Force Awakens will suck, and I’ve collected a few of them here because these are some hilarious ideas:

“They’d Better Have A Good Explanation For _____”

The Force Awakens Teaser 2

You’ve seen the lightsaber in the second teaser trailer, right? Well that’s one example where some fans demand there to be a good explanation as to how Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber that he lost on Bespin becomes the object that drives the story in The Force Awakens. But this sort of thought about Star Wars doesn’t really fit the saga at all. There’s never a good explanation as to why the Death Star plans just happened to land on the one planet in the entire galaxy where the son of Anakin Skywalker was living.

“I’m Walking Out If _____”


“I’m walking out if Darth Plagueis isn’t the villain”, “I’m walking out if Kylo Ren isn’t really Revan”, “I’m walking out if Han & Leia aren’t happily married with Jaina and Jacen”, and “I’m walking out if the movie opens with a lightsaber falling from the sky”. All of those are examples of crazy declarations some fans have made about how they’ll storm out of the theater if something in The Force Awakens disappoints them. Hopefully they do walk out of the movie theater to open up the seat for someone who can actually enjoy the movie without comparing it to twenty years of licensed fan fiction novels.

“JJ Abrams is Committing Character Assassination”

JJ Abrams on Kimmel

One of the more hyperbolic complaints about The Force Awakens is the belief that JJ Abrams is committing character assassination on certain legacy characters due to how they are used in the movie. Fans who have absolutely zero say on the evolution of a character in the 30+ years between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens think they know better than Lucasfilm when it comes to why that character made certain decisions to place them where they are when the movie catches up with them. The decisions that Abrams and Kasdan came to with regards to where the Legacy characters are isn’t character assassination, especially since The Force Awakens isn’t based on your personal fanfic on how those characters should be.

“I Don’t Believe JJ Abrams Would Do ____”

The Force Awakens Teaser 2

Another wild complaint people have is that they reject certain things about the movie because they don’t believe JJ Abrams would do something that against their own personal fan fiction. But that’s one of the things that makes The Force Awakens so exciting. Abrams and Kasdan are revisiting familiar Star Wars ideas, while doing new things. This isn’t the Original Trilogy or the Prequel Trilogy, it’s the Sequel Trilogy and there are new ideas at play. Another part of this is that Lucasfilm has all three episodes planned out, so they know where the story is going. Just because you don’t like an element of The Force Awakens, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a payoff for that in VIII or IX.

“The Force Awakens Will Run Star Wars Into the Ground”

The Force Awakens Star Wars Celebration

This by far is the one complaint that’s the most divorced from reality. Even with all of the hate they get from people on the internet, the Prequels didn’t kill the Star Wars franchise. They made an entire generation of new Star Wars fans. Likewise no matter how much some of these people will hate The Force Awakens, this will be the Star Wars for yet another new generation of fans. More Star Wars isn’t a bad thing. The more Star Wars movies we get, the stronger the fandom will become with new people discovering how awesome that galaxy a far far away is.

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