2K Patches in Always Online DRM to Next-Gen NBA2K14

Following the Xbox One reveal, gamers revolted against its “always online” DRM policies that would prevent you from playing a single-player game if you weren’t connected to the internet. People made it very clear to Microsoft that they don’t want that for their games, and MS made a quick 180 earlier this summer when they saw how low their pre-order numbers were.

Unfortunately this anger was lost on 2K, who has just patched-in an always online requirement for the Xbox One and PS4 versions of NBA2K14 according to this thread on NeoGAF.

Now you cannot play a single-player match in the game offline if it’s in any mode that uses VC (their space bucks). If you’re in the middle of a game and lose connection or get signed out of XBL/PSN you’re immediately kicked to the main menu without any sort of “grace period” as the game cannot authenticate with the 2K servers. Once offline, you can play some single-player content however you’re locked out of modes such as MyCareer and MyGM until you re-connect to the 2K servers.

Basically, you’re locked out of ANY mode that uses VC. Which makes this 2K trying to protect their micro-transaction model from offline exploits.

The worst part about this addition is that it came now. They didn’t have this always online “DRM” when the game was being reviewed prior to launch. Instead they waited for the game to get glowing reviews, for many people to pick it up as a launch title, and then they patched in the DRM without any warning what-so-ever.

This is pretty shady if you ask me…

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