Marvel\’s Inhumans: Please Don\’t Suck


It’s beginning to feel like a reoccurring theme but the reviews on Marvel’s highly anticipated debut of Inhumans is not good.

What has been touted as the Marvel Universe’s version of Game Of Thrones is apparently anything but.  According to early reviews the costumes are on par with slightly enthusiastic cosplay, the dialogue is weak and unfortunately even the settings and scenery leave much to be desired.

Time and time again it appears that the desire to capitalize off a story financially will take precedent to doing things right.  Whether you like the film or not there are reasons why a movie like Avatar was so widely successful.  There’s something to be said for taking your time when factors like CGI and advanced special effects are involved.

Despite the fact that the show will air on ABC the debut was shot for IMAX.  If you are going to set the bar that high it’s probably a good idea to follow through.  The feel right now is that Inhumans does not.

Th release date for Inhumans is scheduled for September 1st in IMAX and will run for two weeks before ABC launches the 8 episode (potential) atrocity September 29th.