Comparing The Last Jedi Trailer Schedule to TFA & Rogue One


There are a lot of Star Wars fans in a panic this week after they found out that The Last Jedi won’t be at San Diego Comic Con. While Lucasfilm will be showing footage at D23 Expo in a week, people are trying to craft a narrative that they’re not marketing The Last Jedi simply because there won’t be a panel at the big convention this summer.

But looking at how they marketed TFA and Rogue One, they’re still on track. Here’s how the last two Star Wars movies released their trailers:

The Force Awakens:

The first “announcement” teaser was released in November of 2014. Acting as both a teaser for the movie and an announcement of a return of Star Wars, Abrams wanted the teaser out that early.

Second teaser trailer debuted at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim in April 2015.

The Behind the Scenes feature was shown at San Diego Comic Con in July 2015.

The final, full, theatrical trailer came out in October 2015 to coincide with tickets going on sale.

Rogue One:

We got our first teaser trailer for Rogue One in April 2016, right after The Force Awakens was released on home video.

Rogue One’s Behind the Scenes “sizzle” was shown at Star Wars Celebration London in July 2016.

The second Rogue One teaser premiered during the Olympics coverage on NBC in August 2016.

Rogue One’s final theatrical trailer arrived in October 2016.

So far with The Last Jedi, it’s following a similar path as Rogue One. We got the first teaser at Celebration in April, as it’s now July we’re going to see a Behind the Scenes thing at D23 Expo next week. If they continue with the Rogue One model, it’s very possible we’ll see a new trailer in August. As Disney is absolutely desperate to save ESPN from its problems, it wouldn’t be shocking if we saw something during the premiere of Monday Night Football this year much like they did with the Olympics last year.

Just because Lucasfilm isn’t showing something at a convention you’re attending, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t marketing their Star Wars movie.