D23 Expo Will Get a The Last Jedi BTS \’Sizzle\’


This weekend we learned that The Last Jedi will not be in Hall H at San Diego Comic Con, but there will be new footage screened at D23 Expo next week.

There have been strong rumors that we’ll see a new Behind-the-Scenes “Sizzle” at D23 much like Rogue One got at Celebration last year, and now others are confirming that it looks to be the case. Collider has heard the same thing, nothing at SDCC but a BTS reel at D23 Expo:

hearing we’re not getting a new ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ trailer at D23 or Comic-Con. Heard some new behind-the-scenes footage at D23. pic.twitter.com/stJE9k8Gqw

— Steven Weintraub (@colliderfrosty) July 2, 2017


As for where the 90 second trailer the BBFC recently classified will pop up, that’s a mystery. It’s possible Lucasfilm will show that on some television event in August like they did with the second Rogue One trailer last year during the Olympics. Possibly right before Force Friday in early September.