Worth the Watch: BBC’s Class



Are you a fan of all things Doctor Who, but was hesitant about watching the newest spin-off, Class? I know I was, but was pleasantly surprised by the show following students at Coal Hill School as they confront what comes through cracks in space and time. It’s a cross between Torchwood, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Sarah Jane Adventures filled with action, humor, gore, and romance. Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor makes an early appearance and is an integral part in the backstory of two of the main characters. He is referenced several times throughout the series as new villains are introduced. It ends with a classic Doctor Who villain I did not see coming, but makes me really want it to come back to learn more. Right now, it is still uncertain if the show will be renewed, but I think it is still worth the watch even if it isn’t. While Class’ season finale aired weeks ago, you can still find all 8 episodes on demand until July 3rd.