iZombie: Looking for Mr. Goodbrain Part 2


After a literally explosive episode last week, iZombie sped into its season 3 finale last night answering the number one question on everybody’s minds: Who was responsible for Katty Kupps’ murder and the release of D-day? While there was a ton of evidence placing Chase Graves behind the crime, from the napkin in his hotel room to his dog’s collar, in a shocking twist it was a different employee of Fillmore Graves behind the scheme: Carey Gold!

In a confession to Graves, she mentions that the zombie island would have been a mistake and that D-day was inevitable, so she just pushed up the date. Tainting the Aleutian flu with zombie blood, the inoculated citizens of Seattle find themselves with a craving for brains. The infamous weatherman turned newscaster, Johnny Frost, sends Liv’s message across the air about the impending consequences of getting the vaccine. Unfortunately, it causes mass chaos, as expected, and not even Chase Graves’ message about co-existence can save the raid of humans from getting themselves killed as newly turned zombies try to get their brains from Fillmore Graves soldiers. The only person who seems to be benefiting from all of this, once again, is Blaine, whose business is booming once more.

With the secret of zombies being a thing of the past and humans becoming endangered, let’s take a count of who remains to still be human…

•Clive- Although desperate to get the vaccination, Clive gives up his place in line to take a call from Liv, which ultimately saves his life, but makes him lose his newly mended relationship. I think, whenever with show ends, Clive will be the last human.

•Peyton- She wasn’t a major character this episode, but she’s more than likely still human.

•Major- I know he was scratched again, so that takes him off the list, but I can’t help and feel that something about that will go wrong next season. I mean he has the cure in his system, so there’s got to be some side-effects, right?

•Ravi???- In the midst of all the chaos, Ravi has taken it as his duty to no longer create a cure for zombism, but to do what he told Harley he was doing all along: make a zombie vaccine. And what better test subject than himself?? I don’t know about that and neither did Liv, but after a heart to heart she scratches him, leaving us to wait until next season to find out if it worked.