Sony\’s Venom & Black Cat Movies Are NOT Set in the MCU


Last week an interview with Sony’s Amy Pascal and Marvel’s Kevin Feige went viral when it appeared that Sony was claiming their upcoming Spider-Man spin-offs would take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since then there have been some confusing contradictions to that interview with a lot of misinformation and fake news on whether or not Sony meant what they were saying or if it came off wrong and the spin-offs weren’t in the MCU.

Fandango’s editor spoke to both Amy Pascal and Kevin Feige to get clarification, and Sony wanted to clear up that none of those movies take place in the MCU:


So now we’re basically where we started. Sony is still making a couple of Spider-Man spin-offs that won’t be set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which means they’re making movies no one wants to see. And Sony wonders why their film division is bleeding money so fast.