Rumor: A Spider-Man: Homecoming Character Mystery May Be Solved (Spoilers)


For a while there’s been a big controversy over a rumor over who one Spider-Man: Homecoming cast member may really be playing. And if whispers coming out of advanced screenings this past weekend are true, the earlier rumors did have a shred of truth to them although it’s different than people think.

If true, this is how it works out in the movie.

Zendaya is playing a character named Michelle. There’s no change to her character name. The big reveal is her last name. Johnson. She tells Peter her nickname is…MJ.

So there’s no “Mary Jane” in Spider-Man: Homecoming, but there is a “MJ”. Honestly it’s a really stupid thing to do and kind of goes against Marvel being true to the comic characters in the MCU. It stinks of the sort of thing Sony would pull off in one of their Spider-Man movies.

It’s taking Mary Jane and assigning her nickname to a completely different character. This is like in the Dark Knight Rises and Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character being named “Robin”.

Since Michelle is only nick-named MJ, there is the possibility of Peter meeting the real Mary Jane later in the series when he’s a senior, which is closer to how it was in the comics. He met her when he was older. So this is’t a complete disaster, but it’s baffling why they thought this thing was clever.