Alderaan\’s Remains Play a Big Part in Visceral\’s Star Wars Game


Yesterday the first information on the main character and plot of Visceral’s Star Wars title came out, and now we’ve learned more about how Alderaan factors in.

MakingStarWars has posted a big thing that lays out some key plot points about the main threat in the story:
“Because the Empire has tightened its grip on the Outer Rim territories, a mid-level crime boss from the Rang Clan sees an opportunity to cozy up to the Empire that can be advantageous to the Rang. The Rang’s mining operations recently discovered a violaceous gas that has formed where Alderaan used to be. The purple substance can be weaponized and the Rang Clan begin to test it and set up a mining facility with mining ships in the Alderaanian graveyard itself.

The crime boss and the Tarkin Initiative have a valuable weapon on their hands. The weapon is obscene in that it can be sprayed on an environment and all living creatures in the area are petrified and left as calcified remains like something out of the ruins of Pompeii. The advantage to the weapon is that everything else around it is left perfectly intact. It means the Empire can take anywhere it wants, remove the inhabitants and not harm valuables and locations they may want for strategic reasons.

The weapon is vulgar. It weaponizes the remains of Alderaan, a peaceful world without any weapons that was obliterated by Grand Moff Tarkin as a test and a slap in the face to Princess Leia Organa.”

That’s a pretty cool story to set the game in, and again this would make a great third movie in a trilogy following Rogue One and A New Hope.