Batman: Mask of the Phantasm Finally Comes to Blu-Ray



What many consider to be the best Batman movie of all time is finally coming out in high definition. You won’t find it in stores, but if you want it Warner Bros will be making it available to order online through their Warner Archive disc-on-demand service.

Warner Archive announced via their Facebook page that they’ll be releasing the movie with a new HD remaster next month:

NEW 2017 1080p HD REMASTER
Presented in both the original theatrical 16×9 aspect ratio (1.78:1) AND open matte 4×3 (1.37:1) aspect ratio
Run Time 76:00
Subtitles English SDH
DTS HD-Master Audio 2.0 Stereo – English
BD 50
Theatrical Trailer (HD)

Warner Archive is a service that WB began in the latter days of the DVD format to make harder to find catalog films available to fans. It’s a disc-on-demand service where you order something and they produce a copy for you. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm is easily one of the higher profile releases they’ve done so far, which means demand is going to be pretty high for the disc when it becomes available next month.