iZombie: The undead in Seattle


izombieIf you are not watching iZombie this season you are seriously missing out. The TV show that follows undead medical examiner Liv Moore as she solves murder investigations, adapted from Chris Roberson and Michael Allred’s comic book series, keeps getting better and better in its third season and Tuesday’s episode, “Conspiracy Weary,” did not hesitate to disappoint.

Now only two episodes away from the season finale, the action has intensified as major plot-lines are coming to a head. Tuesday night’s episode immediately picked up from last week, which ended in a cliffhanger where Don E was zombie-napped by Harley and co. Ravi took a brave move in trying to stop them from killing Don E, stressing that zombies could feel pain, just like humans. It was a nail biting moment and in the end Ravi was unharmed, except for a punch to the face. The same could not be said for Harley and his zombie conspiracy gang. Thanks to a team up of Liv and Blaine (which I never thought I would hear myself saying), Don E was saved. Unfortunately, most of Harley’s guys didn’t make it out alive and Harley went missing.

Despite all of the violence and bloodshed, iZombie continues to find humor, and I thought the Liv and Blaine team up (along with Don E) for the rest of the episode was hilarious. Recently we’ve been seeing the visions from others’ point of view, which is not only very funny, but also beneficial as it helped us learn James Weckler’s daughter is a zombie and possibly being blackmailed by the newly appointed mayor.

The end of the episode was packed with non-stop drama and action from Major and his Chaos killer/abductor status still blackmarking him and made much worse since Shawna, to Liv and Clive finding Harley in an underground bunker as a…zombie. (The zoom in on the scratch was a nice touch.) I did not see that coming. But the most shocking of all was at the way end with the newspaper article. Ravi was way too open with Rachel and told her EVERYTHING and now all of Seattle knows that zombies are real and walk among them. What they have been trying to avoid all season has finally come to light, just like they feared. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

iZombie airs Tuesdays at 9 on the CW.