Darth Vader #1 Establishes Some Key Story Elements About the Dark Lord


This morning Marvel released Darth Vader #1, a new on-going series set right after Revenge of the Sith and establishing the earliest days of one of the greatest movie villains of all time. Obviously the series will be conflicting with the old SWEU “Dark Lord” novel, and this first issue is quick to give Star Wars fans some official explanations for what happened when Anakin became Vader

It picks up immediately after the infamous “Noooooo” scene. Vader force pushes Palpatine and the Emperor then zaps him with Force lightning. For some reason this doesn’t affect him like it does in Return of the Jedi. Perhaps as the suit is much newer in this issue, the lightning just gives it a jump start or something.

There’s also a scene on Coruscant where Palpatine’s right-hand man Mas Amedda is doing a public burning of Jedi lightsabers, and the last one tossed on the pile is Yoda’s.

The big part of the story is Palpatine telling Vader that he has to seek out a Jedi and take their Kyber Crystal. Palpatine explains that the crystals are alive and Vader has to make the saber feel pain and cause the crystal to bleed. This is bringing in a big element of the old SWEU that said the red Sith crystals were that way because they were bled. It also ties into Rogue One where we saw that raw Kyber is clear (like Ahsoka’s new sabers) and it’s the Jedi that makes them blue or green, while the Sith corrupts the crystal to make it red.

At the end of the comic, Vader gets his unique ship but he hasn’t yet found the Jedi he will take the Kyber Crystal from.