Star Wars Legends Fans Want You to Boycott The Last Jedi



Since paying for billboards didn’t work, Star Wars fans who hate anything that’s new have a new plan to stop the evil Disney empire from making Star Wars movies. They want you to boycott The Last Jedi!

Multiple “Save the EU” groups on Facebook are organizing a boycott of The Last Jedi. Their belief is if they can convince enough Star Wars fans to not see the movie, and it bombs, then Disney would stop making new Star Wars movies and instead spend the money producing content based on older novels and stories that a fraction of the fanbase actually is aware of.

Han Derp

Naturally that line of thinking is completely divorced from reality, so even if every single person who ever “liked” one of those “Save the EU” Facebook pages were to boycott The Last Jedi, it wouldn’t even make a dent in the profits of the movie. The Force Awakens, Rebels, and Rogue One has expanded the Star Wars fanbase so greatly, the number of people who even know what these fans are screaming about probably amounts to about 1% of the entire fanbase.

The Force Awakens faced two boycotts. One from racists who were mad about a black Stormtrooper and another from people upset that the main character was a girl. That didn’t stop it from breaking box office records. Likewise Rogue One faced a boycott, very close to release, from people who thought it was anti-Trump due to the writer of its first draft being stupid on Twitter. It didn’t hurt the movie, and this boycott from Legends fans won’t hurt The Last Jedi either.