Wonder Woman Does Not Have a \’No Killing\’ Rule



With DC movies you can almost predict the things people will use to try to bash them, and with Wonder Woman it’s predictably the “killing” angle.

Now that Wonder Woman has officially made $100.5 million in its opening weekend, which is more than the first Iron Man did in 2008, people are trying to find ways to bash the movie that still has a 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The latest claim is that in their head canon, Wonder Woman doesn’t kill. And that’s completely out of touch with the comics where she recently was the freaking GOD OF WAR (before the recent Rebirth retcon).

Most famously, Diana killed Maxwell Lord in the early 2000s. The storyline was that he was mind-controlling Superman and she fought him to try to stop it. She used the lasso on him to find out how to do it, and learned the only way was to kill him. So she famously snapped his neck. This lead to a big disagreement between the Trinity, which boiled over into Geoff Johns’ now-classic Infinite Crisis event where Superboy Prime awesomely punched reality in the face.

Wonder Woman has always been an Amazonian warrior. She’s the Justice League member who carries a sword and a shield. She doesn’t have a “no killing” rule and claiming that she does just makes you look like someone with no familiarity with the character at all.