Dan Aykroyd Says There Won\’t Be a Ghostbusters (2016) Sequel


Everyone can rest easy now as it doesn’t look like Sony will be spending the money to make a sequel to last year’s Ghostbuster’s flop.

Dan Aykroyd was on Sunday Brunch in the UK today and he was pretty clear that there wouldn’t be another Ghostbusters using the cast from the last one. While he praised the cast, and the movie itself, he pretty much railed on Paul Feig who directed it. The big issue was money and aside from him not filming scenes Aykroyd and others suggested, they spent way too much money on the movie and about $40 million just on reshoots. Dan joked that Paul Feig won’t be seen around the Sony lot much anymore.

Sony was defiant until the end, last year claiming that they would be proceeding with more Ghostbusters movies. It’s unknown where this leaves the sequel they were talking about after the first movie flopped, or where the Slimer spin-off rests right now.

You can see his comments in this video:


I guess that’s the end of Ghostbusters for now.