Wonder Woman is Flying Towards a $95M + Opening Weekend


The future of the DC Extended Universe may have brightened quite a bit if the current projections for Wonder Woman’s opening weekend pan out.

Current estimates is that Wonder Woman could end the weekend with more than $95 million, and it’s already earned $6.3 million internationally. Warner Bros is still being conservative with their estimates, claiming between $65-70 million but word of mouth is spreading and its “Certified Fresh” status on Rotten Tomatoes is also helping a lot.

Some people are even predicting it could come in as high as $120 million. In comparison Batman V Superman made $166 million last year, and Man of Steel kicked things off with $113. But even if it only does $95 million that’s a huge deal for a female-led superhero movie following the nightmares of Catwoman and Elektra.

It’ll also be interesting to see if Justice League sees a “Wonder Woman bump” in the same way solo Marvel movies saw an “Avengers bump” following the success of that movie.