Rian Johnson Absolutely Understands What Star Wars is About



With today being the actual 40th anniversary of Star Wars, you’ll be seeing a lot of people writing what Star Wars is to them. We’re not really going to do that here, but there is a great quote out there from Rian Johnson where he shows that he completely understands what Star Wars is.

In a new piece today from Vanity Fair that explains what is and isn’t going to be in The Last Jedi, Rian Johnson perfectly expresses what Star Wars is supposed to be:

“To me,” he says, “the power is greatly diminished if suddenly you have a character stand up in front of the Imperial Senate who has orange hair and is saying, ‘Let’s make the galaxy great again.’ It just cheapens it all and divides the audience. What actually matters, and what these films can actually speak to, are the fundamental building blocks of what makes people good, what makes people brave, what are the things we should be fighting for.”

If that sounds at all familiar, it’s very similar to how The Maker himself described Star Wars during the 40th anniversary panel at Star Wars Celebration Orlando:

“It was designed to be a film, like mythology, of this is what we stand for. You’re about to enter the real world. You’re twelve years old, you’re going to go on in the big world. You’re moving away from your parents being the center focus. You’re probably scared, you don’t know what’s going to happen. Now here’s a little idea of some of the things you can pay attention to. Friendships, honesty, trust, and doing the right thing. Living on the light side, avoiding the dark side. Those are the things it was meant to do.”

This is very similar to the issues Tolkien had with The Lord of the Rings and people trying to make it an analogy for WWII or the Industrial Revolution, when Tolkien himself said he hated analogies being applied to his writing. Whenever you see someone taking Star Wars and trying to twist it to fit an agenda or personal opinion, you just have to go back to what George Lucas said Star Wars was supposed to be to see it’s a lot simpler than some people like to try to make it.