See Disney\’s Avatar Ride \’Flight of Passage\’ in Action



Walt Disney World has been conducting previews of Pandora: The World of Avatar in advance of its opening this coming weekend and while there have been videos of the river ride to find, it’s been harder to see the Banshee ride Flight of Passage until now.

The reason for that is that Flight of Passage is indoor and you’re basically mounted on a motorcycle seat with 3D glasses looking at a giant screen. If you’ve been to a Disney Park, think of a much more advanced version of Star Tours or Soarin’. So naturally those type of rides are difficult to film, but Showcase of Wishes on YouTube managed to capture a very good version of the ride video and you can see it embedded below.

For an Avatar ride, it looks really good with lots of great visuals covering areas of Pandora. But even more interesting is there could be a preview of the upcoming Avatar sequels hidden in here. Cameron has said those would deal a bit with what’s under Pandora’s seas, and we some really giant sharks jumping out of the water later in the ride video. Those could’ve been designed for the movie sequels and included in this new ride.

Pandora: The World of Avatar opens in Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando this weekend.