Secret Empire #2 Opens Up Interesting Hydra Cap Possibilities (SPOILERS)


The second issue of Marvel’s big summer even Secret Empire hits shelves today, and its final panel may shed some light on the truth about Hydra Cap.

For a long time, people who don’t actually read comic books have been attacking Marvel over Hydra Cap when in reality it’s been a pretty great story. But the final panel of Secret Empire #2 reveals something very interesting:


This opens up a lot of very, very, interesting possibilities about who Hydra Cap really is. Here are just two of them:

– He’s Ultimate Cap, stranded in the 616 universe following the events of Secret Wars. We already have Ultimate Spider-Man and now Ultimate Wolverine, so this wouldn’t be a shock. Ultimate Cap was always a dick too. This is the most likely.

– He’s from the Hydra world in Secret Wars. While it was destroyed, it could be one of the worlds that the Fantastic Four is busy recreating and thus this would be a way to bring Marvel’s Fist Family back into the comics.

Whatever it ends up being, it really makes those people trashing Marvel over destroying Captain America look like they seriously were over-reacting without bothering to read the comics.