Idiot YouTuber Believes Snoke\’s Name is \’Victor\’


Full retard RDJ

Mike Zeroh’s stupidity strikes again. Not long after the YouTube hoaxer and content thief stunned the world with idiocy of Snoke being an acronym (Sith No One Knew Existed), he’s gone full retard with a new video where he believes Snoke’s name is really Victor.

Want to know why this is stupid and the guy’s a complete idiot?

The origin of the Victor name is actually a code name used by Hasbro to hide an action figure’s identity prior to Lucasfilm revealing it. Want proof? This here is a leaked image of a Gamestop readout showing the Episode VIII Black Series figures coming out on Force Friday. The code name for Snoke is Victor:

The “Victor” figure is Snoke. But that’s just a code name.

Look forward to Mike Zeroh posting a video where he reveals that Rey’s real name is “Foxtrot” and Luke’s real name is “Cool Beta”.