Supergirl “Resist” Promo



Next week’s episode of Supergirl, “Resist,” looks jam-packed with action as the 2nd season is coming to a close. While the promo is extremely quick, there are several interesting elements in it that make me want Monday to come faster.

1. Mon-El and Lena
Last episode ended with the Prince of Daxam and Queen Rhea’s surrogate daughter being beamed up to her ship as an influx of lost Daxamite ships made their way into National City. In the promo, Mon-El is seen wearing a princely outfit and does not look worried. Could this be an act or perhaps he is under some sort of mind control? He is looking at someone and then the camera jumps to Lena in a red dress. I might be going too far, but what if Rhea wants Lena to marry Mon-El?

2. Cadmus is back
With so many story-lines this season I kind of forgot about Cadmus, but they appear to be back in the 1st part of the season finale. Lillian Luthor narrates, “Alien invaders have come to destroy our way of life and claim our planet.” The bigger question is, is the DEO working with Cadmus? For a slight second, you can see Supergirl standing with Lillian behind her. Could they have teamed up to take Rhea down once and for all and get their loved ones back?

3. Cat Grant Returns!
We knew it was coming, but the promo confirms it. Cat Grant is back! She looks like she’s in the alien dive bar with Kara and Lillian Luthor. Can’t wait to see her back with the cast.

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8 on the CW.