This Week\’s Last Jedi Hoax: A Fake \’Leaked\’ Work Print


Han Derp
As we enter the time between trailer releases, people start to get bored with the lack of new The Last Jedi news and begin hatching elaborate hoaxes. This week’s was a fake work print that was apparently just walked out the front door of Lucasfilm.

The story began this weekend when someone claimed to have a leaked work print of The Last Jedi and was trying to sell it for 6.5 bitcoins, or about $10,000. Immediately his story stunk as he claimed someone just walked out the door with it and there were elaborate claims of watermarks and audio marks, which even when removed would allow Lucasfilm to trace the source of it as there are other security measures used these days.

Then it really fell apart when the fan fiction plot synopsis for the alleged work print came out. Basically whoever came up with this hoax was just listening to MakingStarWars’ podcast and filling in gaps with their own version of the story.

Of course it wouldn’t take long for the truth to come out, as the owner of the site that originally was contacted about the work print was able to confirm it to be fake when the hoaxers sent him “proof” that was just footage from The Force Awakens.

Naturally with sites starved for Star Wars news, some even reported this work print as a legitimate leak. It’s not, and such a thing is very rare to leak. The most famous one was obviously X-Men Origins: Wolverine and a company such as Disney and its divisions have enough security measures in place to ensure no intern could ever just walk out the front door with an early copy of the new Star Wars movie.