Reddit May Be on the Path to the Final Guardians Easter Egg


Most Marvel fans are aware that there is still one unknown Easter Egg in the first Guardians of the Galaxy. James Gunn recently said he’d reveal it on his death bed, but one Reddit user may be on the path to discovering it.

In this thread on the r/marvelstudios sub, user/SprakeDK has decoded the coordinates in the first film and they tie into the second:

The Dark Astor is “THIS IS MOMS CANCER”
Thanos’ Sanctuary is “NEXUS OF ALL REALITIES”
The Kyln is “THIS ISN’T REAL”
Knowhere is “MEREDITH QUILL”
Both Morag and Xandar appear to be actual coordinates in space.

Now, some people have falsely claimed that Knowhere is Ego’s head, but that was quickly debunked by Gunn on Twitter over the weekend. So that’s not the Easter Egg. But this decoding of the coordinates could be a big way some people are getting close to discovering it. Perhaps the coordinates in Vol. 2 are the last piece of the puzzle?