The 100 “Die All, Die Merrily”


100 season 4

The 100 meets the Hunger Games in its latest episode where the strongest warrior in each of the 13 clans squared off in the Polis arena. This entire season has been devoted to finding a way to survive the impending radiation. This competition to the death showed which clan would be allowed to have the bunker all to themselves.

Going into this episode, you knew some characters were going to die. There was no way they would all work out some way to compromise. I was just surprised at who didn’t make it. The four “familiar” competitors were King Roan from Ice Nation, Illian, Luna (who had nothing to lose being the last of her people) and Octavia or Sky Rippah as she has been re-named this season. While the odds did not seem to be in her favor she entered Polis like everyone else, holding Indra’s sword and wearing Lincoln’s war paint. Despite everything she’s been through and the evolution her character undergone, once again she became the girl under the floor. She hid from most of the competitors allowing them to kill each other, as her brother Bellamy instructed. While members of each of the clans watched to see if the candle of their nation was extinguished and their chances of survival lost, Bellamy became aware of a sniper with a bow and arrow hiding in a building and killing in favor of Ice Nation. In the cover of darkness, he investigated and discovered Echo, who became banished, by her King, for cheating. Here Bellamy gave a rousing speech in honor of his sister, who he did not realize was listening. It gave her the needed energy to push on and win the competition.

While everything looked resolved as Octavia declared the 13 clans would find a way to share the bunker, her hopes were quickly crushed as Sky crew had secretly taken it during the competition. They kidnapped Bellamy, who wakes up inside with Clarke and Jaha, as Kane and Octavia try to break in with no luck.

With only 3 episodes remaining in the season, only one can guess who will survive.

The 100 airs Wednesdays at 8 on the CW.