First Trailer for The Dark Tower Movie From the Writer of Batman & Robin



From the writer of Batman & Robin comes a movie that carries The Dark Tower name, but isn’t actually based on any of the books.

That’s right, instead of basing this movie on any of Stephen King’s seven Dark Tower books, the writer of Batman & Robin decided to make it an original movie set after the events of the final book. So in reality, it’s The Dark Tower in name only. I think this idea from the writer of Batman & Robin will probably backfire as you have millions of people who read the books and they’ll go and see this movie and not recognize it from what they know.

Despite the writer of Batman & Robin getting lucky and winning an Oscar for one of Ron Howard’s weaker movies, he still wrote Batman & Robin and that isn’t enough to get me excited for a Dark Tower movie that has nothing to do with the source material. Maybe someday in about twenty years they’ll reboot this and we’ll get an adaptation of the books as opposed to an original sequel from the writer of Batman & Robin.