This Week\’s Leia/Snoke Rumor from The Last Jedi is Fake


A new rumor about The Last Jedi is going viral, but unfortunately it’s fake from another person making up fan fiction on Reddit.

Nerdist is the one spreading the bogus rumor as a scoop, but all they did was find a juicy (and bogus) “Spoiler Dump” on Reddit’s r/starwarspeculation sub and used that as their “unnamed source”. Unfortunately for them, they were duped by a fake bit of fan fiction that in no way resembles how The Last Jedi plays out.

Aside from completely making up the plot and avoiding revealing anything new that wasn’t already posted online, the originator of the fake spoiler dump couldn’t answer a simple question to verify that he wasn’t a big hoaxer.

His spoiler dump only included previously-known names that were released by reliable sources such as So I asked him to name something that isn’t out there publicly such as the “Space Horse” that Finn and Rose ride on. The creature has a name, but it hasn’t been leaked anywhere yet. If he were able to name that creature that’s involved in a big action sequence that is likely having toys made of it, then he would have a shred of credibility. Only he wasn’t able to do that.

So in addition to his “spoiler dump” not matching up the actual plot of The Last Jedi, the guy wasn’t able to actually reveal anything that wasn’t already posted by other real scoopers.

That means his entire spoiler dump is bogus and sites are spreading around completely fake Star Wars “scoops” just for clicks.