Warner Brothers IS Marketing Wonder Woman



Wonder Woman is still a month away from release, but if you listen to the over-reacting internet who likes to manufacture controversy the movie is already a failure because evil sexist Warner Brothers apparently isn’t marketing it more than a month out. Except they are. All those fake news articles crying about how Warner is trying to keep the first female superhero movie down were timed very poorly as the first TV spot began airing late last week, right after most were published.

There’s also apparently going to be some kind of sneak peek of Wonder Woman during tonight’s episode of Gotham. Fox has been running promos for that all weekend. It’ll likely be a one-minute extended TV spot or something similar. Warner marketed Batman V Superman the same way last year by promoting it with Gotham. The MTV Awards are also this weekend and Warner traditionally puts something from their DC movie there, so it’s possible that will be the first clip or another small trailer.

Hating the DC movies has really become a tribal thing on the internet. If your friends don’t like them, you’re not allowed to either. So that produces controversy where there is none, all in an attempt to bash non-Marvel films and make the tribe feel better about themselves. That’s likely where this fake news of Wonder Woman not being marketed is coming from.

When Marvel doesn’t run TV spots for Captain Marvel more than a month before release, will it also be a failure and a big controversy online? I doubt it.

Here’s the TV spot they released last week: