Johnny Depp Surprised Disneyland Guests on Pirates of the Caribbean Last Night



There’s a pretty funny urban legend of Disneyland that claims that Johnny Depp would sometimes dress as Jack Sparrow and surprise people riding Pirates of the Caribbean. This urban legend was hatched by confused guests seeing the very lifelike Jack Sparrow animatronic figure in the ride and thinking it’s really Johnny Depp. But last night the urban legend became real.

Disney is aware of the urban legend, so they decided to poke fun at it and make it a reality and film the whole thing. For a short while last night they removed the first Jack Sparrow animatronic in the ride (at the well scene) and Johnny Depp stood in front of the well under a spotlight and spoke to the boats as they went by. As this was being filmed, and they also filmed him doing stuff outside the ride, it’s likely this is intended for the home video release of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales as the filming announcement placards did mention DVD/Blu-Ray use for the footage.

There are a lot of pictures and videos of him doing this floating around social media, but here’s a pretty good one from Instagram:

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