Happy Impossible Astronauts Day!


silenceIt’s that time of year again where you might be at the store, in school, or working and see people wearing tally marks on their faces, hands, or arms. If you come in contact with these people slowly back away, do not bring attention to yourself and do not, DO NOT look in the corner of your eye.

And if you look down and have tally marks on your face, hands, or arms…. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.

That’s right today is Impossible Astronauts Day for Whovians. Today back in 2011, the Doctor with the Ponds and River Song journeyed to Lake Silencio and the Doctor died. It’s the first time one of the most frightening villains, the Silence, were introduced. A scary concept where when you were in direct eye contact you remembered them, but as soon as you looked away you forgot. (They would give the weeping angels a run for their money.)

So be careful today and watch out for the…. What was I talking about?
I forgot.