The First Trailer For The Last Jedi is Here!



It’s finally here. The first look at Star Wars: The Last Jedi has just premiered at Star Wars Celebration Orlando.

The journey to this first trailer has been a bumpy one for Star Wars fans who have to adjust to how Disney is marking a new Star Wars movie every single year. We had a clue how they’d handle it with the Force Awakens/Rogue One transition last year, but some were resistant to that idea. Because Abrams released a teaser trailer for the first Star Wars movie in over a decade in 2014, a year before release, people were expecting a Last Jedi trailer last year with Rogue One.

But Rogue One showed us they wouldn’t do things that way. They waited until The Force Awakens was released on home video before releasing the first teaser trailer for the first Star Wars Story, and it was likely they would do the same thing for The Last Jedi. When Kathleen Kennedy said we wouldn’t see anything from the movie until “Spring” it pretty much confirmed that we’d get the trailer today at Celebration. That didn’t stop people from spreading false rumors of a Super Bowl release, a February release, and even one with Beauty & The Beast.

So here we are. This first teaser trailer for The Last Jedi. As with TFA and Rogue One we’re likely to get second teaser later in the summer with a full theatrical trailer following in October when advanced tickets go on sale.

Here it is, the wait was worth it: