No, Xbox Scorpio Won\’t Cost $700 to $1000


Last week Microsoft revealed the official specs for the upcoming Xbox One console codenamed Scorpio. After the specs showed that the console could actually do native 4K gaming, and is more powerful than the PlayStation 4 Pro, console fanboys began the spin and FUD cycle to attempt to downplay Scorpio.

One way they have been doing this is an attempt to scare people away from the console with completely bogus and unfounded stories of it being priced anywhere between $700 and $1000. This isn’t anywhere in the realm of reality for a console release in 2017, and today Gamasutra has a great interview with Phil Spencer where he gives one clue as to why Scorpio won’t be priced out of reach:

“Sometimes I get in trouble when I talk about Sony too much, but, the choice they made on PS4 Pro, I totally get that choice, from their perspective and what they wanted to go do. I’ve said it publicly and I’ve said it privately, I think they’ve built a good 2016 PS4 Pro. With the silicon that was available, they picked the parts that made sense to go and put together a console in 2016.

But the point on not wanting framerate to drop when you go to the higher box, right, if the developers want to push resolution, to say to the player ‘here you bought this higher-end console, let me show you higher-end resolution,’ you don’t want the framerate to drop. And that was something we didn’t think we could deliver with the silicon that was available in 2016.

So some of it was time, as certain things come down in price — some of them not as quickly as we would like. And some of it was hardware capability from our silicon partners, that allowed us to go do that in 2017.”

What he’s saying is that component prices drop rapidly in price and due to the nature of how things get more powerful for less money they’re able to produce a more powerful system in 2017 compared to what Sony was able to release with the PS4 Pro in 2016. Something that would’ve been too expensive to do for Sony for a 2016 release wouldn’t have been as expensive a year later.

It’s a simple logical fact a lot of people are overlooking as they try to white knight a plastic box and scare people away from another one.