Final Transformers: The Last Knight Trailer Reveals the Bayformers Quintessons



Paramount has released the final full trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight Trailer and it actually looks like a Michael Bay Transformers movie.

At the end of Age of Extinction, Prime flew off into space to search for the Transformer’s creators. In terms of Transformers canon, that means he was looking for the Quintessons. While it’s not confirmed if they’ll use that name, this trailer gives us our first look at what is the Bayformer version of the Quintessons. It also confirms the old rumors of King Arthur showing up in the movie by showing Transformers being members of the Knights of the Round Table.

I love Bayhem, and I’ll continue to see Michael Bay blowing stuff up with giant CG robots as long as he keeps making them. This is a big IMAX 3D summer popcorn movie, and I can’t wait to see it: