Disneyland\’s Guardians of the Galaxy Ride Keeps a Key Feature of Tower of Terror



When Disneyland announced that the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror was being re-themed to Guardians of the Galaxy, a group of Disney bloggers with an agenda started to spread every bad (and fake) rumor they could about the ride to make people angry. One of these rumors was that a key feature of Tower of Terror would be changed in Guardians of the Galaxy in the hopes that it would enrage people so much they’d join the crazy “Disneyland is a Museum” crowd in protesting the change.

In Tower of Terror when the elevator reaches the top of the shaft and right before the drop, the doors would open giving you a pretty awesome view of the rest of the resort and Anaheim. This is particularly cool at night if you are riding while fireworks are going off in the other park. The Disney blogger crowd who hates any change to the park in their belief that it should be exactly as it was in 1955 was spreading a rumor that in the Guardians of the Galaxy version of the ride the doors would not open and you wouldn’t get that view before the drop.

That rumor is 100% false and I’ve seen for myself the ride in action yesterday.

Disney was conducting ride tests of Guardians of the Galaxy this weekend, and the elevator doors still open just as they always have. In fact, aside from the theming change, it remains the same Tower of Terror as it’s always has. That means it’s an inferior version to the original in Florida. Only now it has a theme that Disney owns and they no longer have to pay a licensing fee to CBS for a non-Disney theme on a ride that resides in a Disney Park.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Escape will open in late May at Disney California Adventure, but if you’ve ridden the California version of Tower of Terror you’ve basically already experienced what the ride is like.