Dutch is in the Predator Reboot Script, But Arnold Won\’t Film It


Predator Dutch

Shane Black is currently filming his reboot for Predator and there’s a cameo for Dutch in the script, but Arnold doesn’t want to do it.

According to The Wrap, Schwarzenegger won’t do the reboot unless they re-write his part to be bigger. This is how small his cameo is:

“TheWrap can confirm that Dutch Schaefer, Schwarzenegger’s character from the John McTiernan-directed 1987 original, appears at the very end of Black and Fred Dekker’s latest screenplay draft for the reboot. Schaefer gets a very short cameo in the scene, saying just two lines that set up a sequel. The fact that Schwarzenegger is irked with his screen-time makes sense when taking that into consideration.”

This is the second time Dutch was going to have a cameo in a new Predator movie. At one point in the development for Predators, Dutch would’ve appeared at the end of the movie on the planet as a king of the Predators. That didn’t happen, and I guess this new one won’t either.