5 Ways Marvel Comics Nearly Killed Themselves



Marvel Comics is in the news lately acknowledging that some of their recent decisions to alter popular comics didn’t quite pay off the way they hoped. In fact, Marvel’s sales have slumped and haven’t really recovered ever since DC launched their very popular and successful Rebirth event.

Marvel has decided to right the ship and will be doing a big “Make Mine Marvel” event later this year. In addition to restoring legacy numbering (like DC did with Action and Detective) popular Marvel characters will be restored. Hulk will be Bruce Banner again, and Captain America won’t be a Hydra agent anymore. Will it be too late? Here are five dumb things Marvel Comics has done to contribute to the state they’re in.

Publicity Stunts!


Thor is now Jane Foster. Bruce Banner is dead so She Hulk is the new Hulk. Tony Stark doesn’t want to be Iron Man anymore, so a 14-year old girl is now in the armor. Captain America is an agent of Hydra. And don’t even mention the Spidey-marriage.

Marvel is almost unrecognizable in comparison to what the movies are doing. It’s no surprise sales are slumping, people aren’t seeing the characters in books that they expect. This is because Marvel has been more focused on getting short-lived publicity on The View than actually catering to readers. This is one of the biggest reasons for “Make Mine Marvel” and the thing they seem most focused on fixing.

The Digital Copy Bait & Switch


One of the more popular features of physical Marvel books has been the free digital copy each issue came with. This was a huge selling point for Marvel over DC, where not every DC book would include a digital copy; only $4.99 polybagged versions. Recently Marvel changed the program to give people unrelated and older digital comics with the code. The move was extremely unpopular and they’re now starting the backtrack on it. Hopefully it’ll be back to normal soon.

Catering to Investment Collectors

Captain Marvel

It really sucks to get into a new comic only to have it end after twelve issues. That’s been Marvel’s thing ever since Marvel Now!. Just about every year they restart all their comics to get shiny new #1s on store shelves to lure investment collectors to come in and give them a big sales boost that one month. But when every year is a new #1, it kind of lessons the impact of a new start. This became more annoying than anything else, so it’s another great thing Marvel is fixing.

Flushing Mutants Down the Toilet


Even before Make Mine Marvel happens, the X-Men are being fixed with a big event that will restore them to being superheroes and not people whining about their place in the Marvel Universe. For years the X-Men have been treated like used toilet paper, and the fans haven’t been happy. Marvel is serious about the Mutants once again, and it’s been a very long time coming.

A Loss of Big Name Artists and Writers


Compare some Marvel art to current DC art and it’s almost not even fair. Likewise with some of the writing. This is another thing that’s been hurting Marvel as they’ve had a big drought of talent both in art and writing. The Make Mine Marvel thing is also an attempt for them to lock in some actual talent on the books so they’ll look like they’re worth your $4.