LEGO Star Wars Stuff Isn\’t Canon


This week the second season of The Freemaker Adventures was announced, and its trailer has caused people to once again question the canon status of LEGO Star Wars.

As the trailer shows Hera from Rebels in a setting after Episode V, it’s caused some people to believe that means she survives into that era. Except the LEGO stuff has never been officially canon in any way. While some clueless film bloggers try to claim that LEGO Star Wars is “roughly canon” to justify their stupid speculation on something, that’s never been the case. Was it “roughly canon” that Han and Lando travelled to the LEGO world to meet the characters of the LEGO movie? No.

The LEGO Star Wars stuff exists off in its own adjacent universe, sort of like what the Legends fans want. While LEGO could show LEGO versions of canon events, because they exist in the “LEGO” Universe before the “Star Wars” Universe; they aren’t and never will be official Star Wars canon.

So the best way to think about it is there’s a LEGO universe that is like a melting pot of all these different franchises that LEGO has the license for, and Star Wars is just one of them in there. Anything that happens in the LEGO universe doesn’t affect the main Star Wars universe, but there can be LEGO versions of official events from the Star Wars universe.

That’s why LEGO Star Wars is not canon.