Vader\’s Castle to Return? Nothing is Confirmed…Yet


This week one of the big sensationalistic Star Wars article is about the possibility of seeing Vader’s Mustafar hideout again. The problem is if you actually read what was said, it doesn’t lead to the conclusion many are coming to.

The origin is quote by Lucasfilm artist Doug Chiang at Uproxx that made them believe he was hinting at a return of the location in a future movie:

“It’s interesting, we did a lot of history exploration. Why did Vader build his castle here? Why does it look the way it does? Why does he even come here? For us, it was really figuring out that Vader built his castle on an existing structure, which was this ancient lava dam. And he built it here for a very specific reason. It was to come back here to meditate, to rejuvenate, to reconnect with himself. And it became a very spiritual place, and it was all centered around his bacta tank. And that’s where the form language all built around there. And we’ve done quite a bit of exploration of what’s on the inside of it as well, and hopefully that’ll be seen in some other film.”

Since it’s easier just to copy the headline and speculate about that instead of reading into what he actually said, many people are taking that as a confirmation of the castle appearing in The Last Jedi or some other movie. But that’s not exactly what he said.

He said he hoped it would appear again because they put a whole lot of work into designing it and the history surrounding the castle. It’s not uncommon for that sort of history exploration to be done in the concept phase. And Chiang was basically saying he was hopeful they would use the location again in another film, basically so all their work wouldn’t go to waste.

It’s very possible we could see Kylo Ren checking out his Grandpa’s old stomping grounds in Episode IX, but to take that above quote as confirmation of it is just stupid.