Another Bogus The Last Jedi Trailer Debunked



We’re just two weeks away from the release of the real teaser for The Last Jedi, but that doesn’t stop dumb people online from trying to fool Star Wars fans.

Yesterday a YouTube trailer was being spread around with people claiming (and believing) that it was actual leaked footage from The Last Jedi. Unfortunately it was another fake and based on the locations used, it’s a very good chance it was produced by the same fakers who tried to fool people with Episode VII dailies a couple of years ago.

They’ve since pulled down the YouTube video because people easily found the source of their Photoshopped Kylo Ren image. It’s actually taken from a May 2016 Hollywood Reporter interview with Adam Driver:


Another thing that gives it away as fake is that Kylo is wearing his Force Awakens outfit in the Photoshopped image. That’s not what he wears in The Last Jedi.

Will we get yet another fake trailer next week while people lose their patience waiting for Celebration? Since we had one go viral last week, and now this one, chances are pretty strong someone is going to try to fool Star Wars fans again.