Supergirl “Distant Sun” Recap


supergirl-season-2-cw-posterAfter being blown away by last week’s crossover, I didn’t know what to expect for this week. All I knew was that it was directed by Kevin Smith, who has done great things in the previous episodes he’s directed both on Supergirl and the Flash. And he did it again in this draw-dropping episode.

Spoilers Ahead!

Now that Kara has forgiven Mon-El, for hiding his true identity as the former Prince of Daxam, he seems to have moved into her apartment, making breakfast and doing laundry. Everything seems nice, until it is discovered that there is a bounty on Kara’s head. Naturally Kara does not want to hide as everyone else tells her to. But staying at home doesn’t protect her, as a bounty hunter finds her and takes over Mon-El’s body to fight. Mon-El questions his parents right away, as they are rich enough to pay a bounty hunter. While they deny it, Mon-El stays suspicious and has every right to. In this scene at the bar, the Queen shows her love for her son and how much she misses the little boy he once was. This already shows she’s willing to do anything for him.

Kara has the “bright” idea to talk to the Queen of Daxam at the Fortress of Solitude, in hopes of letting Mon-El stay on Earth. (I thought it was funny and ironic how Mon-El was reading Ro-mayo and Juliet, and how he thought it ended nicely. Foreshadowing?) The Queen reveals she was the one who put the bounty on Kara and has kryptonite. As Kara is greatly injured, Mon-El agrees to leave with his mother if it means Kara will be safe. Since the beginning of this episode, I felt like Mon-El would make this sacrifice. They kept stressing how he is the last of the royal Daxamities and will eventually rule, so it seemed inevitable. Even though I predicted it, it still pained me to see the two part. I loved how persistent Kara was to get Mon-El back and the little switch-a-roo she did with J’onn. (Who, might I add, has crazy telepathic skills. Did you see him in that telepathic battle with the prisoner-intense!) Even Winn made the journey to the spaceship and used his tech savviness to break Mon-El out of his cell. In the end, it is the King who allows Mon-El to return to Earth, to his family (aww). A real change is shown in his father, and unfortunately, he pays for it later as the Queen feels betrayed and kills him! WHAT! I did not see that coming. As Kara and Mon-El share another cozy sofa session, at the end of the episode, they have no idea what has just happened in space. Which asks the question: Will Mon-El stay on Earth for good? As much as I want to see him in season 2 and with Kara, it looks like they are building up for his departure. I was hoping the threat of him being taken away this episode would be it, but the death of his father, the King, opens it up again.

In other news, Alex and Maggie built on their relationship with the introduction of Maggie’s ex-girlfriend who she was in a relationship for 5 years. When Maggie’s ex doesn’t show up to dinner, Alex digs deeper and finds out the reason they broke up was because Maggie cheated. Alex points out Maggie’s trust issues, from this to lying about how she came out to her family. Maggie admits to it and the two embrace. Throughout the past few episodes, Maggie and Alex’s relationship has not been overly complicated, but I think this was a nice storyline that showed that their relationship isn’t perfect, and that they can work through their issues too.

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8 on the CW.