The Last Jedi\’s Visual Design Apparently Takes Inspiration From The Prequels


We’re about two and a half weeks away from the first official look at footage from The Last Jedi, but today we have an idea of what to expect as far as the visual design of the movie goes.

Last night Jason Ward of Tweeted that the look of the movie combines the Prequels with Game of Thrones:


While Prequel haters are freaking out about this and crying that evil Disney betrayed them by not wiping the Prequels from existence, The Last Jedi’s director hasn’t been as hateful of them as they’d wish. Three years ago, when Rian Johnson was first announced as the writer/director he publicly said “There was something really beautiful about the prequels.” Then just last September he defended the Prequels against the false “all CG” narrative.

If The Last Jedi is taking inspiration from the Prequels and creating a Star Wars movie that looks different, that’s extremely exciting. One of the most disappointing things about The Force Awakens was how heavily it relied on nostalgia and looked far too close to the Original Trilogy in terms of design instead of a movie set thirty-two years later.