Lucasfilm Planning At Least Fifteen Years of Star Wars Movies


That small group of Star Wars fans who were hoping Lucasfilm would suddenly stop making new Star Wars movies after the Sequel Trilogy is completed will likely be upset with this news.

Yesterday during the same interview where he revealed details on the Han Solo movie, Bob Iger said they recently planned out about a decade and a half of Star Wars movies after 2019. We’ve known that Lucasfilm had a big meeting in Los Angeles recently to determine what would be the movie in 2020, and it’s likely there that this fifteen year plan was sketched out.

This isn’t unusual at all. At one point Marvel had their movies planned out into the mid-2020s and by now I wouldn’t be shocked if they also have the next fifteen years planned out pretty well.

Anyone who thought Disney would spend $4.2 billion on Lucasfilm, make a trilogy of movies, and then just sit on the franchise were kidding themselves. We’re going to see a new Star Wars movie every year until we die.