Woody Harrelson\’s Star Wars Character Name Revealed (NOT Garris Shrike)



A couple of months ago, right before we learned the title of The Last Jedi, many sites were making themselves look really stupid by proclaiming that Woody Harrelson would be playing an obscure SWEU character in the Han Solo movie. Garris Shrike was Han’s mentor in the old SWEU and since Harrelson was playing his mentor in the movie it had to be him, right? Thankfully Lucasfilm made everyone forget of the stupidity of that by quickly releasing the Episode VIII title and squashing the clickbait madness over Shrike.

Now we know the real name of Harrelson’s character, and he casually revealed it this time avoiding any of the confusion that led to the Garris Shrike “certainty” a couple of months ago. He appeared on Jimmy Fallon last night and said his character name in the Star Wars movie is “Beckett”. It’s obviously a new character, not one from the SWEU, which is exactly what you’d expect from the Kasdans as they never read any of the novels and don’t know those characters.

Here’s the video where he gives his character’s name: