Interesting Hints at the Future of Star Wars From a Recent Disney Cruise



We’re only a couple weeks away from Star Wars Celebration, but some cool information has come out that may give us some clues about what we may see there. A new animated series is in the works for Star Wars and if this information is true, we’ll here more at Celebration in Florida next month.

A user on Star Wars News Net’s Cantina forum was on Disney’s recent Star Wars themed cruise, and apparently Pablo Hidalgo was there and gave a talk. This is what the user claimed to have been revealed in a Q&A with him:

“1) the fourth season is definitely the last season of Rebels
2) I asked how closely events that happen in Rebels/ Clone Wars would tie into future events that would happen in Saga movies such as The Last Jedi. He said very much so
3) our favorite storylines in Clone Wars ( Yoda arc, Mortiss, Seventh Sister…) were all Lucas stories, and are absolutely integral to the understanding of the Force going forward
4) I asked him privately when the new cartoon was set, he wouldn’t tell me. He said “go to Celebration.”
5) they are VERY much aware of Yoda’s line in ROTJ re: Luke being the last of the Jedi and the fact stragglers like Kanan and Ezra are roaming around the galaxy. They have no plans to make Yoda a liar
6) Episode 8 will answer A LOT of questions about the Jedi and what happened with Ben turning to the Dark Side. He did accidentally hint that info re: Rey would be answered as well
7) the time between ROTJ and TFA is definitely a fertile area for exploration and he gave the impression that there absolutely will be projects set in that time frame.
8) he really explained the different movements/ affiliations in TFA. So, the new Republic that is significantly smaller than the Empire was just as the Empire was smaller than the Old Republic. When the Old Republic went down, there were still all those factions left is the Seperatists that never joined the Empire and the never joined the new Republic. So it wasn’t some huge galaxy-spanning organization. Since the fall of the Empire, remnants of it have been coalescing and eventually became the First Order. While they were building in power, Leia was trying to get the Republic to open its eyes and see what’s happening. They wouldn’t (reminiscent of the Jedi before the Clone Wars) so she and others created the Resistance to publicly oppose the First Order. I was glad he explained this. It makes much more sense now.”

If this is all true then Rebels will end after the next season (as many expected), and it doesn’t sound like Kanan or Ezra will survive. Yoda knows about them as he’s talked to Ezra on Rebels, so if they don’t want to make Yoda a liar to Luke those two characters (and possibly Ahsoka) must die.

UPDATE: Pablo explained on Twitter that some of it sounds like stuff from the Q&A while other stuff could be just things the original poster heard:

@ManaByte Looks like a mix of things I said, and things this guy heard, and those are not the same. Not really interested in clarifying.

— Pablo "Uatu" Hidalgo (@pablohidalgo) March 23, 2017