Supergirl “Starcrossed” Recap


Supergirl-Star-Crossed-Review-Rhea-Mon-El-Lar-GandLast night the first episode of the Supergirl/Flash musical crossover began and just like the 4-part Invasion crossover this fall, the Supergirl episode ended with a to be continued on the Flash. I really can’t wait for next season for a true crossover to happen, where characters from the other DC shows can actually appear in National City. Then maybe…finally… Winn and Cisco can meet each other! (At the end of the episode Winn did say he thinks he would be BFFs with Cisco if they lived in the same dimension, so fingers crossed!!)

This episode was jam-packed and actually felt like a full hour, unlike other episodes where it feels like there’s more commercials than actual storyline. As it started I was super nervous because I knew what was coming. Thanks to last week’s promo, we were already aware of Mon-El’s true identity as the Prince of Daxam. Mon-El and Kara were so cute together, snuggling on the couch talking about movie musicals (super ironic) and rom coms and then BAM a Cadmus-like message appears on all the TVs asking Earth to hand over Mon-El of Daxam. I loved how Kara didn’t want him to go on the ship alone and the fact that she was happy his parents were still alive…. until it was revealed they were the King and Queen of her rival planet. Then there was the cringe-worthy dinner, where all you wanted was for Kara and Mon-El to talk, but instead you heard how his parents want to rebuild Daxam.

Despite all of his lying, I think Mon-El showed a lot of growth this episode. He is definitely not the same guy who appeared at the beginning of the season and mainly that is all thanks to Kara. She has shown him a different way to live life and how to be a hero. In Kara’s apartment, when he revealed the truth about himself, it kind of sounded like his own TV show monologue: “My name is Mon-El and I am the former prince of Daxam.” I was shocked when he dropped the L-bomb and told Kara that he loved her, but not all that surprised when Kara told him to leave. (It’s obvious they couldn’t reconcile anything because of the two-night crossover. She’s got to deal with her feelings in the alternate reality with Barry.) After hearing all of this from Kara, Mon-El still decided to stay on Earth and he even called it his home. When he used that word I could have sworn his parents were going to send him back to whatever was left of Daxam because it seemed too easy for them to send their only son back to Earth as they want to recreate their planet. So I don’t think this is the last we’ll see of them.

Throughout the whole episode, I was interested to see how Music Meister was going to be a part of all of this. Well, at the end the DEO announced that they had a new prisoner and there he was. He said how he purposely got caught for Supergirl. Then thanks to Winn finishing diagnostics on the multiverse portal Cisco created, Music Meister opened a breach and said he was going to get the fastest man alive. (YAY!!) As he left Kara passes out and wakes up into an alternate reality as a 40s singer and to be continued on the Flash appeared on the screen.

In this short time we saw Music Meister I already like him. He seems very chill and a man with a plan, that we are completely unaware of. I liked his little “Tootles,” as he left their Earth and thought it was extremely nice of him for throwing back the device. I can’t wait to see what’s up his sleeve for Barry in tonight’s episode!

The other storyline of this episode involved Winn and his girlfriend Lyra. While it wasn’t overly important, I liked the team up of Maggie, Alex, Winn, and James (who yes, made the episode believe it or not). At first it looked like this was yet another failed relationship for Winn, but wound up being more complicated than that. While this subplot looked like it could have worked for any other episode, it did kind of show Kara that you could still care for someone when they lie to you. Winn was able to understand Lyra’s situation and reasoning for using him in her con to get her brother back. While the two ended on good terms, unlike Kara and Mon-El, I think Winn deserves a proper “Winn” girlfriend. He hasn’t had many love interests on the show, but they all seem to wind up being bad or not interested in him. He needs a nerdy, techy girl, just like him. I guess this is just another comparison between him and his would-be BFF-Cisco.

The musical crossover continues tonight on the Flash at 8 on the CW.