The First Draft of Rogue One Really Sucked



Star Wars fans know that Rogue One went through a lot of evolution before we got the awesome Star Wars movie this past December, and now we know just how bad it could’ve been based on the initial draft of the movie.

Today Entertainment Weekly has an interview with Gary Whitta where he details how different the first draft of the script was. Here’s just the basics of how terrible this Star Wars movie could’ve been:

  • Baze, Chirrut, and Bodhi did not exist in the script. Three of the most popular characters.
  • Cassian had a different name.
  • Jyn was a Sergeant in the Rebellion (thus the toys calling her that).
  • K2 still dies on Scarif.
  • Jyn and the Cassian-type character escape Scarif, beam the plans to Leia’s ship, before Vader destroys their shuttle. They escape in an escape pod and live happily ever after.

Remember, following this failure of a Star Wars movie Lucasfilm brought on the writer of Disney’s successful live-action Cinderella Chris Weitz. Then when the movie went into standard reshoots, Tony Gilroy worked extensively on the script. Things like the Cassian and Bodhi intros at the beginning of the movie were things added to the reshoots.

It looks like Lucasfilm really dodged an After Earth-sized bullet by having someone else come in and re-write Rogue One before they went and began filming.