Marvel Releases an X-Men ResurrXion Trailer


Most X-fans feel abused by Marvel over the last few years with the way the X-books have been treated, but that may begin to turn around at the end of this month with the X-Men ResurrXion event.

Following Inhumans vs X-Men, which is just wrapping up now, the X-Men will be reborn with X-Men Prime #1. That will be followed by X-Men: Blue and X-Men: Gold, which bring back the two X-Men team names from the high-point of their 90s runs. Then we’ll get a Weapon X book focusing on all of those characters (not just Wolvie and Laura), a Cable on-going, and new books for Jean Grey and Iceman.

One thing the trailer confirms is that both All-New Wolverine and Old Man Logan will be the only two X-Men books currently running that won’t be ending and will continue into ResurrXion. At the end of the summer there will be a new Astonishing X-Men, although there’s no word on what will happen with Uncanny and if or when it’ll return.

Here’s the trailer: