\’Han\’s Funeral\’ Is Another Case Where Fan \’Headcanon\’ Conflicts With the Star Wars Universe



This week, the idea that Han Solo will receive a big funeral service in The Last Jedi has popped up again, and it’s yet another example of fan headcanon running amok.

The entire origin of a funeral from Han solo comes from a joke that Carrie Fisher made in an interview last year where she said that’s how The Last Jedi begins. We know that the movie begins where The Force Awakens ends, so most sane fans understood that Carrie was joking (as she often did), but the concept of a funeral for Han was so appealing to some fan’s headcanon that they have made it real in their minds.

Here is another time where fans can’t separate their feelings from what the reality of the Star Wars universe is. Much like some fans couldn’t accept that Luke only appeared in the last minute of The Force Awakens, because their feelings for the character overruled any storytelling considerations, people are also letting their own perception of Han Solo cloud what is likely really happening in The Last Jedi.

If you look at Star Wars canon, and that includes novels, comics, and the movies; you can get an idea of how the Star Wars universe views Han Solo some 32 years after Endor. While Rey and Finn recognized him when they realized he was on the Falcon, this “war hero” has returned to his smuggling ways and he has people literally coming from the left and right to collect on their debts. That’s not the sort of person a giant city would come together to mourn with a funeral service.

Star Wars fans want to see a funeral for Han Solo because they love the character. But a washed up scoundrel who has swindled the entire galaxy wouldn’t likely see that sort of love in-universe. If anything that city would be coming with torches and weapons demanding the money that Han owed them.