Beauty and the Beast Review


Beauty and the BeastDisney’s 1991 Beauty and the Beast asked the question: “For who could ever learn to love a beast?” and we fell in love again with the Beast and the classic ‘tale as old as time’ as it returned to screens in the new live-action film, starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens. I was fortunate enough to attend the Thursday night showing and wish I could watch it again.

As soon as the lights dimmed and that familiar piano tune started playing, I was transported back to my childhood. I love how the characters were more developed, providing backstories for not only Belle and Beast, but also the servants of the house. It made it easier to understand how the two leads fall so deeply in love after a mere five days. Gaston was my personal favorite and Luke Evans did a great job portraying him. His character was a little darker than the cartoon, but he was still such a comedic role. Lumiere and Cogsworth also provided a lot of humor and were so beautiful to look at.

The film added in new songs as well as extended the classics. I really enjoyed Beast’s song “Nevermore,” which reminded me of the Broadway soundtrack’s “How Long Must This Go On.” The extended, original songs did not tarnish them, but developed them more, just like the characters. I especially liked how in “Kill the Beast,” LeFou asked who was the real Beast-the mob or the Beast? How deep!

The castle was beautiful and naturally the library was one of my favorite sets. (I would kill to be in that room!) While it was stunning, there were still parts of it that looked extremely frightening. (In the prison, you could turn and fall into an abyss and…. die-foreshadowing??)

If you’re still on the fence and unsure if you should see it, I would suggest you should. I think all of the actors did the characters justice and I was upset it ended so quickly. (Even though it was 2 hours and 9 minutes.) My only concern would be if you are going with younger children. They might not be able to sit through it seeing as how many parents and little ones kept going up and down the aisle.

Beauty and the Beast is now in theaters